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I was late for posting this video and didn't finish until after the state fair ended :( but that's okay I wanted to post it anyway. I had a couple thoughts on state fair stuff and I made a video on those things. The state fair food primarily. Thank you to Jaiden to doing a little voice bit in the beginning there. It was literally one word but hey credit where credit is due.

The state fair has good food. I love it so much I was sad I couldn't go this year. There's corn dogs, cheese curds, french fries, cookies, milk and a ton more. There's a lot of other foods that I hate though but it's a big part of why people go in the first place. To each their own.

This video took longer to make because I was programming new tools to make the animation process easier. It was... kind of a weird thing to do. I hope it made the process faster but I didn't measure it so ..oops!

I'm going to try to post a couple more times before the year ends. It's been too sparse this year.

thank you for watching ❤️

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