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Hello friends & welcome to my scalp! In this episode, I try something I've been wanting to try for literal months - a professional scalp exfoliation!! As some of you may know, I do like to delve into different algorithmic rabbit holes on good ole' YouTube, and recently, YouTube has been showing me a lot of ASMR Head Spa videos, where ASMRtists get their scalps professionally cleaned to unclog their hair follicles and promote healthy hair & regrowth. And so, I decided to venture to the Blow Me Away Salon in LA to get a Japanese Head Spa treatment, and finally give my head the spa day it deserves. What do you guys think? Would you try something like this?

Apologies if my scalp is too disturbing, lol.

Also - just a heads up, there *are* other contributing factors to dandruff besides just dirty scalp - I think in my case, I just have a lot of buildup, and Arisa zeroed in on that in relation to my particular head. Also also - in terms of maintaining your scalp care at home, Arisa just mentioned using specific scalp cleansing products & serums about once a week!

Also also - I noticed that some of you guys are skeptical about some of the ingredients of the products & the treatment as a whole - totally fair for you guys to have criticisms about it, I wasn't trying to vouch for every individual ingredient, or for how effective this would be for everybody - I personally enjoyed it, and I just thought it would be interesting to know what they say are the active ingredients. I'll be sure to keep your thoughts in mind for next time we make a video in this arena.

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Chapters (for people who hate microscopes):
00:00 - Intro
01:54 - What is a professional scalp cleaning?
04:34 - Microscope Part 1
07:03 - The Treatment
15:58 - Microscope Part 2
16:48 - My Final Result
18:42 - Tyler Mini-Vlog

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