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It’s been four years since the Cybertruck was revealed… And the time has finally come for Mat to see it in the flesh!

He’s flown over to the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas to see the very first Cybertrucks roll off the production line before they’re handed over to customers, and he’s about to see if the most anticipated car in the world really lives up to the hype!

Naturally, an event such as this is no small celebration! The Gigafactory site is littered in Cybertrucks, and Mat will have a chance to walk through the factory to take a look under the skin and find out just how impressive it is. Not only that, he’ll get a chance to sit inside the Cybertruck to take a closer look at the build quality, while also asking other attendees what they make of this ultra-impressive pick-up!

…Oh, and a certain someone called Elon will be in attendance, too.

So what do you think - will the Cybertruck live up to the hype?! And will Mat be so impressed that he actually puts a deposit down?! You’ll need to stick with him for this factory walkaround to see for yourself!

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